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Is your journey towards the efficiency and cost reduction benefits of RPA stalled by the absence of internal expertise, no process mining or lack of capacity to do bot monitoring and maintenance?

R Systems can help. Our RPA engineers have supported hundreds of companies worldwide in reaching their automation goals.

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Expertise and capacity – prerequisites for the success of any RPA program

The growing demand for RPA implementation is rapidly outpacing the availability of experienced RPA professionals, which can hinder your company's ability to advance towards best practices and latest industry standards. As an RPA program evolves within an organization, democratizing it needs to be complemented with external talent to bring a fresh perspective, challenge the status quo, and leverage its full potential.

R Systems’ RPA specialists can analyze, implement, optimize, monitor, and maintain all automated processes and bots for your company, so you can focus on innovating and growing the business.

How do we help?




We cover both Bot and License optimization. We help you identify patterns and bot collisions, then take steps to optimize their usage. From architecture review, to the use of latest features and components, we make sure we identify the optimal configuration to cover your organization’s processes and operations, while maintaining the SLAs.


Business Case Tracking

R System’s Analytics accelerator enables businesses to track, measure, and manage the performance, business impact and ROI of the entire automation program.

Our solution is fully customizable for the seamless alignment of your automation goals to your company’s specific needs.



Unlock the potential of RPA initiatives by having the right processes, leadership and rules. Our governance framework helps you define and set in place:

  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Security.
  • Process development & deployment.
  • Organizational expedition and change.

Support and Maintenance

The R Systems team can work closely with your internal team to provide continuous support for all automated processes. We regularly review the current support model, identify potential break-points as well as opportunities, and ensure consultancy to compare with and adopt the latest best practices.

The need for Process Mining

The pressures of today’s business climate often push companies to start automating existing process as quickly as possible, without fully mapping them first. However, Process Mining – the capturing, analyzing and modeling of a process – enables x-ray vision into an organization, where inefficiencies can be removed, and processes optimized before automation starts.

R Systems can help you leverage Process Mining and Machine Learning to extract insights from all company systems, identify the best candidates for RPA and calculate the business impact of automation.

Watch this short video to see how Process Mining and Intelligent Automation can help you increase efficiency across your business.


Bot monitoring and maintenance – neglect them at your own peril

Many organizations are putting pressure on engineering teams to get as many bots into production as fast as possible. As one bot goes live, the team moves onto launching the next bot. However, bots require ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure that the automation produces the desired results.

R Systems can take over bot management, and more. We assess the process and activities performed by each bot as well as keep an eye on the big picture, with all of the Bots implemented and running. Thus, we can identify any issues and remedy them quickly, as well as spot new opportunities for optimization.

RPA for higher efficiency and increased productivity

By 2024, organizations will achieve up to 30% lower operational costs by combining hyper automation technologies with redesigned operational processes (Gartner), with top performers earning up to 4X on their RPA investments, while other enterprises earning nearly double (Everest Group).

R Systems’ experts can help your organization achieve the promise of RPA and gain strategic competitive advantages in the market.


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RPA Success Stories

See how some of our customers have achieved significant improvements in accuracy. productivity, speed, and flexibility, through successful RPA implementations and optimization


Faster & More Accurate
Mortgage Appraisal Processing

Our client, a leading global bank, faced typical compliance challenges for banking and financial institutions - the frequently changing Government policies and regulations added significant operational costs and were time consuming R Systems deployed a cognitive RPA bot to automate Mortgage Appraisal operations, reduce human errors and ensure compliance
  • 70% Improvement in mortgage cycle time
  • 80% Increase in overall productivity
  • 100% accuracy in data management

Bank Reconciliation

Our client, a non-banking financial institution delivering assistance for renewable energy projects, faced challenges in manually reconciling books against multiple banks, a lengthy manual process leading to backlogs and errors that required rework The solution deployed by our experts - automated robots to streamline the reconciliation process - significantly reduced the reconciliation time and enhanced the accuracy of operations.
  • Significantly reduced processing time. from 72 hrs to 30 min
  • 100% accuracy in reconciliation operations

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